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The Justus de Castro Salazar are an old, old Hazat family: one of Saint Emanuel's companions, he was given a castle on Aragon that controlled one of the approaches to Castle Furias. With that, the Marquis de Castro Salazar received a substantial income as one of the Wardens of the Skyways, receiving incomes from ships traveling to Castle Furias, but in starting in 4696 the Castro Salazar family was divided; two twin sons were born, and the marquessate was split, with one son becoming Baron de Castro Salazar, ruling the castle and receiving income as a Warden of the Skyway, while the other becoming Baron de Salazar, with the income from Salazar Town and its lands.

For most of their history, the Castro Salazars and the town Salazars coexisted happily as cousins, but in 4953 an attempt to reunite the two branches of the family in the person of the daughter of the Castro Salazars ended when Ramiro Salazar - heir to Salazar Town - got a bastard on Matilde de Castro Salazar several months before they were to be married. Matilde fled with the child, and instead her younger brother Ferdinand inherited. Ramiro never forgave the Castro Salazars, but he did have his revenge until 4994, when he accused - successfully - Ferdinand's son Rodrigo of allowing through inattention the destruction of the atmosphere generator he was assigned to guard at Jericho. With Ferdinand driven mad and committed to the Oubliette by his cousin Ramiro, Ramiro was able to have himself named Marquis de Salazar with the support of Elena de Castenda, whose niece he had married.


  1. The Duke and the Emperor -- The heroes arrive on the throneworld and become embroiled in politics of both the personal and interplanetary sort. Don Dario becomes a Questing Knight.
  2. The Drowned God -- Still on Byzantium, the heroes journey into Drown Town to help a woman rescue her daughter; there, they confront aliens and techno-cultists and ultimately recover an ancient and powerful war machine. In the process, they start a bloody war that ripples across Drown Town.
  3. The House of the Fox -- Now sworn to help an Amalthean find a cure for a mysterious disease, the heroes have accompanied her to Tethys, where while she researches they journey into the maw of the beast to recover a stolen Imperial Seal from the house of Scraver matriarch Benita Ivankov in order to improve the slums of New Madrid.
  4. A Cup of Miracles -- The heroes track an artifact known as the Mael Cup to a ruined village, and then follow its trail through a band of slavers to an Engineer scientist engaged in bio-weapons research.
  5. Gulag Julka -- Now in Malignatius space, the heroes are captured by a Baron Petra Decados and sent to the infamous Atshen Internment Camp on Malignatius' barren moon of Julka. There, they lead a daring escape.


  • Don Dario Justus de Castro Salazar -- A Hazat knight whose family was dispossessed. He is a veteran of the Emperor Wars. (Played by Sean)
  • Father-Commander Domingo Justus de Castro Salazar -- Don Dario's older brother, Domingo is a priest and a former starship commander in the Patriarchal Fleet. (Played by Gavin)
  • Don Alejandro Eduardo de Ves -- A Hazat knight and former crusader who spent 10 years imprisoned in Kurgan space, he is the Castro Salazars' cousin as well as a grand-nephew to Duke Jose. (Played by Reid)
  • Aurelia Castro -- The bastard daughter of Ramiro de Castro Salazar and Dario and Domingo's half-sister, she is householder with unsavory connections. (Played by Vanessa)
  • Captain Joe Ridek -- A Charioteer commander and an employee of the De Vatha hong, he has been assigned to help the Castro Salazars by his hong. (Played by Jeremy)

Major NPCs

Byzantium Secundus

  • Emperor Alexius I -- Hawkwood Emperor of the Known Worlds and victor of the Emperor Wars.
  • Sir Chamon Mazarin -- The Emperor's cunning dwarf spymaster.
  • Duke Jose -- Prince Juan's brother, Duke Jose is the Hazat ambassador to the Emperor and one of the most respected and honorable men in the Known Worlds.
  • Count Faustus Hawkwood -- A veteran Hawkwood general, Count Faustus has become disaffected with the Emperor and is the leader of a nascent Hawkwood nationalist faction on Byzantium Secundus.
  • Count Alrich Li Halan -- Li Halan ambassador to the Imperial Court. Father Domingo may have killed his son.
  • Baron Eviathan Hawkwood -- One of the Questing Knights, Baron Eviathan is the sort of social head of the Company, living mostly on the throneworld.
  • Duchess Salandra Decados -- The Decados ambassador is a beautiful woman of ever-changing face and one of the canniest women in the Known Worlds.


  • Prince Juan -- Prince of the Hazat.
  • Consul Dorian De Vatha -- Dorian De Vatha is one of Ozul De Vatha's nephews and represents the Hong to Prince Juan's court. He is said to be particularly politically astute.
  • Baron Benizio Eduardo de Ves -- Don Alejandro's father, a minor baron.