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This is an incomplete list of saints from the Fading Suns canon; particularly, it is missing the Big 8 (Paulus, Lextius, Mantius, Horace, Hombor, Maya, Amalthea, and Ven Lohji.)

Pre-Reflective Saints

Saint Ramos
Ramos, a popular colonist rights activist, was martyred before the guns of zaibatsu police. Lived before the Prophet, canonized in the Second Republic. Has a holiday (Saint Ramos Day/Colony Day) named after him -- August 10. (L&P church appendix 146)

The Prophet's Disciples

Saint Paulus the Traveler
Born Paul Deveroux, the Prophet's first disciple carried him to Yathrib, where the Prophet beheld the Holy Flame, and then to many destinations beyond. He lamented that he was not with the Prophet on his final journey and is said to have died on "the Garden of Nowhere." Though he is said to have died alone, the cathedral on Rampart claims to have his relics, stolen in a raid from a Gwynneth cathedral in the 4700s. His virtue is Questing, and he is the patron of pilots, children and adventurers. (PotCS 12, IS4 23)
Saint Lextius the Knight
The Prophet's second disciple - Lucas Kambei - was the Lord whose Lord was the Prophet. He was the ruler of the planet Dogen; after the Prophet's death, he sealed Dogen's jumpgate, promising to return when the universe was once again governed by faith. His virtue is Loyalty, and he is the patron of the nobility. (PotCS 12)
Saint Amalthea the Healer
Saint Amalthea had many followers and indeed was the leader of her own religion when she encountered the Prophet. He was brought to her after being grievously wounded, and she healed him by bleeding light into the Grail. She melded her followers with his; after his death, she continued to lead her sect until she died on Artemis. Her virtue is Compassion, and she is the patron of healers and parents. (PotCS 13)
Saint Mantius the Soldier
Avram Manchewitz was a mercenary soldier who became the Prophet's bodyguard, protecting him against many attempts to kill him, most famously in the Miracle of the Bullets, when he threw himself in front of the Prophet but was unharmed. After the Prophet's death, he retreated to begin perfecting the martial arts now practiced by the Brother Battle; some rumor that he is alive to this day, appearing to protect those who need him most. His virtue is Protection, and he is the patron of soldiers and the Brother Battle. (PotCS 13)
Saint Maya the Scorned Woman
Maya lived on Shaprut and was married to a cruel and abusive husband. Angry, she sought out dark magics, but turned away from that black path when she received a vision of a star falling to earth. She traveled there and met the Prophet. After his death, she traveled the world preaching against injustice. Maya was eventually captured by a Decados lord, who tortured her for days before she was martyred. Her virtue is Justice or divine Retribution, and she is the patron of lawyers and the oppressed. (PotCS 14)
Saint Horace the Learned Man
Horace Abdalim was a rationalist philosopher who engaged in a great debate with the Prophet. Horace was unwilling to concede, and so the Prophet smote him with his staff in the Miracle of the Club. Horace then beheld the truth and dedicated his life before and after the Prophet's death to teaching the Prophet's philosophy before dying peacefully. His virtue is Wisdom, and he is the patron of scholars and mystics. (PotCS 15)
Saint Hombor the Beggar
Hombor was a beggar and con artist working on Criticorum who questioned the Prophet's sincerity in the Miracle of Giving. The Prophet offered to give Hombor anything he wanted, and Hombor demanded the Prophet's voice, at which point the Prophet cut his own vocal cords. Hombor wept and cried out "I am the death of faith, for this man was not done speaking!" and then the Prophet was healed. He disappeared after the Prophet's death. His virtue is Humility, and he is the patron of beggars and thieves. (PotCS 16)
Saint Ven Lohji the Ur-Obun
Ven Lohji was an Obun priestess and diplomat who met the Prophet; she shared details of the Obun religion with him, and after his death returned to Obun to found a new, syncretic sect of the Universal Church. She is in disfavor among the modern Church and is rarely recognized as a disciple. Her virtue is Discipline, and she is the patron of aliens. (PotCS 17)

Early Church Fathers

Saint Palamedes Alecto
First Patriarch, scion of noble house Alecto, uniter of humanity in the Ukar Wars. (PotCS 22)
Saint J'waltan
Leader of the Agniites, an early Church sect descended from the first crowd to hear the Prophet preach on Aylon, he martyred himself to soothe the angry world of Stigmata. (IS6 16)
Saint Sabrinus
Martyred on Kordeth preaching to the Ukari in 3041. May be a "martyr" instead of a full saint. (CotG 68)
Saint Ostrein
Martyed just before the start of the Second Republic preaching to the Ukari in 3440. (CotG 68)
Saint Charissa
One of the Prophet's early followers, she is mentioned twice in the Omega Gospels. After Zebulon's death, she remained on Kish, where she performed five miracles before eventually dying in the Cave of Mysteries, where her body lay untainted for centuries. (IS4 1)

New Dark Ages Saints

Saint Yara
The daughter of a local smith on Artemis, Saint Yara objected when nobles harassed the Amaltheans after the Fall. To get revenge, the nobles shackled Yara to a boulder to be eaten alive by buzzards; she was martyred after six days of exposure, having forgiven her torturers. (IS7 14)
Saint Rasmussen
Torn apart during the Fall of the Second Republic, lamenting "Oh that my head were water, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for lost humanity! Tremble, ye sinners, for the long night is upon us and the suns themselves are seen to fade. Repent, and know salvation. Repent, or die!" (FS2nd 24)
Saint Godfrey de Moley
One of the three founders of the Brother Battle. (PotCS 45)
Saint Malcolm Xavier Justinian
One of the three founders of the Brother Battle. (PotCS 45)
Saint Fatima
Martyred on Kordeth preaching to the Ukari in 4106. (CotG 68)
Saint Athanaseus
A Hesychast on Grange/Pandemonium while Grange was a Lost World, he was renowned for his wisdom and his great mirror - he used it as a centerpiece for teachings that helped students rid themselves of sin. When Grange was rediscovered, he was recognized by the Universal Church.
Saint Natih Hadara
One of the few women to serve as Matriarch of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun (4868-4877), she was a miraculuous healer and was canonized almost immediately upon her death. (PotCS 27)
Saint Deimos of the Holy Mountain
The founder of the then-heretical Eskatonic Order, he was eventually accepted as saint by the Orthodoxy as part of the Pentateuch Concordat. Saint Deimos lived around the time of Vladimir, preaching the Doctrine of the Inherent Flame from the Apocrypha of Horace. (PotCS 66)
Saint Solius
Saint Solius was martyred on Icon by a pre-Cardanite Li Halan prince in 4207, torn to pieces by the Prince's Vorox guards. His left hand is a famous relic venerated on Icon, and he is the planet's patron saint. (IS4 8)

Second Republic Saints

"Saint" Pietrarcholus
While never officially canonized, the founder of Temple Avesti appeared out of the desert in 3500 and dictated the epic "Fervitudes", a poetic work that inspires much Avesti theology. (PotCS 83)

Ukari Martyrs

Saint Ostrein
Martyed just before the start of the Second Republic preaching to the Ukari in 3440. (CotG 68)
Martyred on Kordeth preaching to the Ukari in 3041. (CotG 68)
An Ukari martyred on Kordeth by his own people. The closest any Ukari has come to sainthood; sometimes referred to as "Saint Glam". (CotG 68; SS )
Saint Fatima
Martyred on Kordeth preaching to the Ukari in 4106. (CotG 68)

Hermit Saints

Saint Romulus
Called the "Desert Hermit", he survived a mudslide that killed 4000 followers (the "Miracle of the Mud") and sat upon a cactus for 12 years. (PotCS 122)
Saint Heather of Ravenna
Ate only pine needles for 27 years. (PotCS 122)
Saint Evangelia of Malignatius
Sat naked on the ice-world of Malignatius, contemplating the love and beauty of the Pancreator through ice and snow. (PotCS 122)
Saint Ijunn of of Istakhr
Declared clothing a vanity and led 3000 followers into Samarkand cathedral; was rained on after a prayer from Archbishop Mali and then draped in a carpet. (PotCS 122)
Saint Calix
Saved a Hawkwood lord from barbarians after the Fall; companion was a wolf, Lupo, and he founded St. Hombor's/The Monastery of the Eternal Light on Ravenna. Also healed a Hawkwood countess in 4276. (PotCS 122, 125)

Divers Other Saints

Saint Oman
Martyred by Count Eshram Hamid, he was dunked in boiling oil so Count Eshram could claim his bones as a trophy. When his bones were removed, Saint Oman's bones were mirror-reflective. (PotCS 19)
Saint Verda
A saint who has a shroud. (PC 18)
Saint Iman
He has a crown, which was on Cadiz before it was stolen. Same Iman as Saint Emanuel? (PC 19)
Saint Mythior
He had a vision of the Eskaton. (PC 20)
Saint Akahito
He appears to have been a missionary to the Vorox, and performed the Miracle of the Gong. (PC 23)
Saint Salah
His cathedral is in Cairo. (IS7 28)
Saint Xing the Serene
He has a relic called the Reflective Eye; it was originally on Midian, but stolen by a heretical sect on Rampart. (IS4 21)
Saint Kynon
Formerly the patron saint of Rampart, he was replaced by Saint Paulus because of his associations with Rampart politics. (IS4 23)
Saint Maximillian
He has a cathedral on Ravenna, in southern Castillo where the Prophet is said to have addressed the multitudes. (IS1 12)
Saint Regoe
Saint Regoe's cathedral is on Ravenna in the city of Suryada, near where Alexius was born. (IS1 12)

Other Historical Church Figures

Pontius Cciardi
Archbishop of Pyre in 4235, he led the Temple Avesti when they were integrated into the Universal Church. (PotCS 84)
Argus the Vigilant
Avestite bishop who wrote the standard text on inquisitorial practice, the Instructones Inquisitorum. (PotCS 85)
Theocrat Halvor I
Halvor was Patriarch, Prince of the Li Halan, and Regent, and ruled for ten years as Theocrat of the Known Worlds. He is revered as a local saint on Icon. (IS4 10)