Loyalty Chart

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Loyalty affects play according to the following chart:

0%-25% loyalty: Your nobles are in outright rebellion.

25%-50% loyalty: Your nobles are disloyal, and while not overtly in revolt they may short you troops or work against you if they are offered the opportunity to do so.

50%-75% loyalty: Your nobles are loyal but not enthusiastic, and will fulfill their feudal obligations to you but will not go over and above what is required. They are principally concerned with satisfying appearances and honor, and with doing their duty, and are likely to buck if you begin to threaten the general social order by setting yourself against your House, the Emperor, the Church or the League.

75%-100% loyalty: Your nobles are loyal and trusting, and will follow you in most things that don't involve outright treason against your House, the Emperor or the Church. Anything short of war with the League is just fine with them, and at the higher end of this range they are willing to countenance actions against the Church, Emperor, or opposing factions in your House up to but not including treason and war.

100%+ loyalty: Your nobles will follow you largely anywhere, perhaps even to Gehenne.

NB: While not officially figured into the numbers, the Decados are far more willing to support their lord in potentially treasonous conduct at lower levels of Loyalty, and the Li Halan are less willing to do so even as the highest levels of Loyalty. The same is true at a lesser extent for the al-Malik and Hawkwood, respectively. Figure a bonus or penalty of roughly 10-15% for the Decados and Li Halan and roughly 5%-10% for the al-Malik and Hawkwood as a rule of thumb, though the final discretion falls with staff.

Events and Loyalty

IC events affect loyalty in addition to largesse spending. While there are no hard and fast rules, here are some guidelines for events that can affect loyalty. Not all of these affect all houses; the al-Malik, for instance, suffer no penalty for associating regularly with guilders, while the Decados get reduced penalties from Church condemnation or dishonorable action. The Hawkwood and Hazat, however, suffer more significantly from the potential stain of dishonor.

+5-15% Special honors from the Church, Emperor or Prince
+5-15% Victorious in battle (lasts as long as you continue to be victorious)
-5% Public criticism from the Church
-10% Public condemnation from the Church
-15% Excommunication or interdict
-5-10% Dishonorable actions or reputation
-10-15% Mistreatment of vassals
-5% Routine association with criminals and guilders
-5-10% Routine association with peasants