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A place for Fading Suns Theme, Rules, and Games

Note to Visitors

Much of the material on this site is drawn from work done on two MUSHes, both now since closed -- Dark Between the Stars and the original Fading Suns MUSH. Most of it was generated by me or by Lextius/Tholumiyelos, but the nature of a collaborative forum like a MUSH means that many had a hand in some of that legacy work.

Users must register and be logged-in to edit the wiki, though registration is open to all. To upload files, you need to have upload permissions - contact me or write on my talk page.

-- "P"


  • Religion and the Church -- In-depth on the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun
    • Parish Priests -- Thoughts on Parish Priests and their relationship with the Orthodoxy and other sects.

House Rules

  • Armor and High-Tech Weapons -- Armor is less effective against bullets and high-tech weapons. Replaces the "Deadlier Guns" rule from the core book.
  • Strength Damage -- Strength provides extra damage sooner. Also, a bonus for using weapons two-handed.

Recent Updates