Market Crime

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There are several sorts of market-based crime, including smuggling, arms dealing and black marketeering.

Interstellar Smuggling

One common criminal enterprise for Scravers and Charioteers - and sometimes freelancers as well - is interstellar smuggling.

Smuggling can take two forms - either smuggling outlawed or proscribed goods, or smuggling legal goods in to avoid tariffs and taxes. The first is often performed by Charioteers, while the second is directly competing against the hongs, though freelance Charioteers often do so if they believe they won't get caught.

The mechanic for smuggling is simple enough - it requires an initial investment, and then the criminal rolls Streetwise and Jumproad Lore - VPs from both rolls are added together and multiplied by 0.25 to determine the annual rate of return on the investment. The Streetwise roll must be the criminal's, but the Jumproad Lore roll can be made by another character (usually a pilot) involved in the scheme or by an NPC, at which point it defaults to 10-14 depending on the character's situation. More money can later be invested in a smuggling route to increase its return, though smuggling routes that earn more than five hundred or so firebirds annually usually require a partner or subordinate.

Smuggling rackets can affect the income of markets - while smuggling proscribed goods doesn't impact legal trade, smuggling goods to avoid tariffs does. Every hundred firebirds of tariff-smuggling profit decreases Charioteers' portage profit by fifty firebirds as well as impacting planetary tariff income by a percentage equal to the Charioteers' decrease.

Planetary Smuggling

Planetary smuggling functions very much like interstellar smuggling, though the second skill is usually Region Lore or Navigation. Smuggling proscribed goods incurs no particularly penalty to landholders, but income from avoiding tariffs - blockade running - counts as urban crime income in the source and destination city (half of the income in each) for the purposes of determining the effects of Urban Crime.

Smugglers can also smuggle in goods from enemy ports, though the rate of return is lower - only 0.15 per VP. This kind of smuggling affects urban crime in the destination, but only half the income from the smuggling is counted for that purpose.

Arms Dealing and Black Marketeering

The Scravers made their name in selling illegal and refurbished technology to those who probably shouldn't have it, and this sort of black marketeering is a common enterprise for many criminals. The most substantial sort of racket here is arms dealing, usually to foreign factions, peasants and the like.

Setting up an arms dealing racket or a black market technology racket in an agora or market is not difficult - it requires an initial investment and then a Streetwise roll and a Business roll. The VPs from the rolls are added together, and then multiplied by 0.5 (in the case of arms dealing) or 0.25 (in the case of black marketeering) to determine return. The racketeer must make the Streetwise roll, but another PC can be brought in to make the Business roll or a crooked Reeve can be hired, goal 9-12 depending on IC circumstances.

Income from black marketeering and arms dealing in an agora cannot exceed 25% of the market's value, and it counts as urban crime income for the purposes of determining crime effects under Urban Crime.

Black market technology and arms deals can also be struck with outside groups such as rebels or foreign factions. First, such a group needs to be ICly located through RP, and then once an arms or technology deal has been struck the profit from the deal is 0.25 x the sum of VPs of Streetwise and Business for arms dealing, or .15 for technology markets.

Other Criminal Enterprises

Other criminal enterprises are resolved using the investments system at +econ investments, though they sometimes have very high rates of return - even as high as fifty percent or more - because of the risk involved.