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Planetary-scale markets - or agoras - are broad clearinghouses for offworld and on-world trade that serve a population of at least 50,000 people and earn an income of two percent of the total population of the area. When markets are in competition, they'll fight over that population - equally - pulling people from one side to another.

Agoras are typically controlled by a Guild, with a silent partner in the form of the noble fief which licenses it. Traditionally, the licensing noble recieves 30% of the market's income, while the controlling Guild recieves 70% of the market's income. This ratio is negotiable, however; for instance, the Triumvirate sees 50% of the Agora of Vargo's proceeds.

From a legal perspective, each Agora is actually chartered to merchants of that particular market - so the Llewelyn Agora is chartered to the merchants of Port Llewelyn, for instance. The market's masters then choose a Guild to run and maintain the Agora. This is generally a competitive affair, and a market tends to go to the guild most suited for running it. In war-torn areas, the Muster often has a competitive edge; a market that depends heavily on offworld trade tends to have a high likelyhood of Charioteer control. If many merchants are in debt, the Reeves may be able to 'buy' their votes on the market's board, and if there's high crime the Scravers can often intimidate votes in their favor.

The Engineers control no Agoras anywhere in the Known Worlds except for Vargo, where the Agora of Vargo is (unlike almost all other Agoras) given directly to a Guild by the government rather than having the operating guild chosen by the merchants of the market.

So, for example, the Port Llewelyn Agora services a population of approximately 175,000 people:

Income: 3500 fb/yr

Muster              70%    2450 fb/yr
Southern Reaches    30%    1050 fb/yr

The Agora of Vargo and the Merchant's Exchange are in conflict over the Santiam Valley and Neuvaire Province. That area has a total population of approximately 500,000.

Trading with the Agora are:

Ayodha March        100,000
Valenciana          60,000 (Split by Devante's decree)
Torranova           55,000
Xing Yuan           10,000
Albion              10,000
Church              10,000 (Swayed by the Orthodoxy)
Triumvirate         175,000 (Split by popular opinion)
TOTAL               420,000

Trading with the Merchant's Exchange are:

Valenciana          15,000 (Split by Devante's decree)
Church              10,000 (Swayed by Brother Samiloth)
Triumvirate         55,000 (Split by popular opinion)
TOTAL               80,000

So, that results in:

Income: 8400 fb/yr

Engineers           50%     4200 fb/yr
Triumvirate         50%     4200 fb/yr
Income: 1600 fb/yr

Charioteers         70%     1120 fb/yr
Triumvirate         30%     480 fb/yr