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(New page: Often - extremely often - PCs find themselves performing some sort of one-time deal or job for another PC or NPC, and wonder how much they earm off that enterprise. These jobs might be a C...)
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Often - extremely often - PCs find themselves performing some sort of one-time deal or job for another PC or NPC, and wonder how much they earm off that enterprise. These jobs might be a Charioteer flying a few people somewhere, a Scraver making a drug deal with a nobleman, a Muster hiring out as a bodyguard, an Engineer repairing or analyzing some piece of technology or a Reeve drawing up a contract - but in all cases, the system is the same.

The job has a scale in firebirds - for small jobs, often just 1 or 2 - and then the player makes a roll off the appropriate skill for the job at hand. Often, this is Wits+Business or Finance, but for small jobs it may be a different skill - the Charioteer shuttle pilot may roll Tech+Spacecraft to see if skillful flying manages to eek a profit in saving maintenance and fuel costs, or the Scraver may roll Extrovert+Streetwise to see if he can score the drugs at a discount price. The VPs from this roll are multiplied by the firebird scale, and the result is the profit - so the Charioteer shuttle pilot transporting ten men to a remote location (a 1 fb scale job) makes a Tech+Spacecraft roll - if he rolls 2 VPs, he makes 2 fb off the run. Sometimes, a job has a built-in profit, and the VPs from the job roll are added on top of it - this represents 'sure things', though in most cases a player's margin is based off their skill, not the deal that's been made.

Scale Chart

1 FB - This a routine job - a shuttle run, a drug deal, a day's work as a bodyguard, repairs to a laser pistol or a brief 'Is this legal?' consultation. It's not generally something that would take more than one day's work for one person, and it's often less than that. If it the profit of the exchange of goods or services, the goods or services in question are generally worth no more than 10 firebirds and often are worth only two or three if only one person is required to deliver the goods/perform the service.

2 FB - This is a profitable day's work for one person - perhaps a shuttle run into dangerous territory, contract thuggery, a day's labor as a skilled mason, an afternoon in a garage fixing a flitter or representing someone in a simple court pleading. If it is profiting from goods or services, they aren't usually worth more than 25 firebirds all told, and might be worth much less. Additionally, this might be a day's profit for someone supervising a team of smaller people on a routine job - a cargo run on a hopper with several crew, a Muster chief providing event security with three or four associates, an artifact-exploring run into the hills or a few runners distributing fliers across the city for public distribution.

5 FB - This is a substantial job for one person, something that might take multiple days or be a very rare opportunity. It could be an in-system shuttle run to another planet, a contract slaving, a con job on a wealthy noble, repairs to some arcane piece of technology or a skilled lawyer representing someone in a criminal proceeding. If this is instead a supervisor's job, it might be deploying a platoon of soldiers somewhere, a gang shaking down all the criminals on a street for their profits, a surgery installing cyberware or a firm of assessors and advisors combing through a manor's books to look for inconsistencies. If goods or services are involved, they don't generally exceed 50 fb in value for a one-person job, or several hundred firebirds if several people are involved.

10 FB - This is a job that might take one person a week to a month or require an exceptionally high level of skill. It might be a free trader's Tethys run, a contract killing, a job designing a manor house or priory, inspecting a terraforming engine, trying a major legal case, arranging a loan or making a one-time arms deal on the black market. If the character is running a team of subordinates, this might be a week's work for a company of soldiers, a deal to smuggle someone important out of prison and into a safehouse, the theft of some large vehicle or item of technology or a medium freighter making a Tethys run. If the profit is from goods or services, they don't generally exceed 100 fb for a one-person job, though of course they can be much less.

25 FB - It is rare at this level for a single individual to be paid this unless the job in question is in fact employment over multiple months. Very skilled individuals might make this - architects designing palaces or fortresses, generals hiring out their savvy, famous Reeve lawyers or hired assassins might see this profit from a single job. Generally, though, this is the profit from jobs like major salvage or archaeology, train, armored car or money-transit robberies or coordinating the actions of multiple companies of soldiers for a week-long operation or a company of soldiers for a month-long operation. The firebird value doesn't generally exceed 250 fb for a one-person job if there are goods and services involved, or a thousand firebirds for a multiple-person job.

50 FB - If single individuals see this sort of profit from a job, they are among the best in their craft or have made a score that may suffice them for many months. For most groups, too, this represents an extremely rare or multiple-month enterprise, such as a bank heist, significant salvage operation, major construction job or a firm making a very large loan. The firebird value for goods and services hovers around 500 fb for a one-man job or several thousand firebirds for a multiple-person affair.

100 FB - Jobs at this level are once-in-a-year operations if at best, and rarely do they depend on a single roll, and are instead broken down to several smaller one-time jobs. A major arms deal to finance a significant underground force might net the organizer this sort of coin, as might a job repairing a broken terraforming engine. Firebird values for one-person affairs with goods and services hover around 1000 fb, and can be several times that for multiple-person jobs.