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The 'piety' of a diocese represents the outward faith of the people - how often they attend services, the respect they pay the Church, their participation in parades of saints and so forth and so on. It is the tangible measure of the faith of the populace and the support a sect or diocese receives.

The 'piety' score of a diocese is, like popularity and loyalty for fiefs, based off a percentage scale. Most places begin at 25%, though this can be modified by historical factors - on Vargo, that is most often the presence of the native Church. It also affected by sect and IC factors according to the chart, below, and by skills - and most importantly by diocesan spending.

Dioceses spend coin on both 'alms' and 'opulence' - alms as charity to the poor and opulence, the richness and grandeur of the churches and priests. Every percent of a diocese's income spent on alms increases Piety by one percent; every percent spent on opulence increases Piety by two percent. Most often, a diocese spends fifteen percent on alms and fifteen percent on opulence, yielding an average Piety of 70%.

Skills also increase Piety. The first method is by Oratory, based on the bishop's Faith + Oratory, modified by appropriate blessings and curses. Every point of Oratory goal above 10 increases Piety by 3 percent; every point below 10 decreases Piety by 3 percent. The use of Oratory in this fashion represents the bishop's sermons and the effect they have upon the populace.

Alternately, a particularly learned prelate can also inspire the populace, though to less of a degree. If a prelate has a Wits+Theology above 10, this provides +1 percent per point. Below 10, it subtracts 3 percent per point. Either Oratory or Theology is used, but not both.

Piety Chart

Piety affects play according to the following chart.

0%-25% piety: Your churches are empty, and your priests met with hostility by the populace. Priests and churches must be guarded to prevent attacks and vandalism.

25%-50% piety: Your services are sparsely attended, and your priests are viewed with suspicion and distrust. The Church is seen as a tool of oppression rather than as an instrument of faith.

50%-75% piety: Your services are properly attended, and the populace show the appropriate devotion to the Church. They will do as the Church asks, but will not work against their lords or those of the League they deal regularly with. They are unlikely to countenance heresy, heterodoxy or other oddities on the part of their prelate.

75%-100% piety: Your churches are full of people, and the populace will do what you ask provided it does not oppose the Church or the Emperor. They will stand fast with you even in the face of quirks or oddities, and some may help you face darkness without fleeing.

100%+ piety: Your people will follow you largely anywhere, perhaps even to Gehenne.

Sample Piety Modifiers

+5-10% Many or well-appointed cathedrals
+10-15% Extremely well-appointed cathedrals
+5-10% Hospitals or other missions of welfare
+5-15% Special honors from the Church, nobility or Emperor
+5-15% Obvious occult activity the Church is fighting
-5% Routine association with the nobility
-10% Routine association with guilders
-15% Routine association with criminals
-5-10% Heavy Inquisition/Penitent presence
-5% Public criticism from other clergy
-10% Public condemnation from other clergy
-10% Public criticism from higher clergy
-15% Public condemnation from other clergy
-20% Suspension
-25% Excommunication or interdict
-5-10% Dishonest reputation
-5-15% Bad omens/obvious occult activity the Church seems powerless against
-5-20% Shabby or destroyed cathedrals and churches
-5-15% Low episcopal living standard