Sect Traits

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Urth Orthodoxy  Politicos/Princes of the Church      +10% Piety
Sanctuary Aeon  Helping Hands                           
Eskatonics      Wizards, Heterodox                   -10% Piety
Temple Avesti   Cenobites, Frightening/Short Leash    
Brother Battle  Cenobites, Bankers                   -10% Piety


Politicos: Experience in politics and a long tradition of manueving in political arenas gives this sect an advantage when entering political conflicts and adjudicating off-world political balances.

Helping Hands: The hands-on work of this sect among the populace means that they are beloved by the people. Even when piety in a region is low, members of this sect do not fear persecution.

Wizards: This sect has a long mystic tradition as well as a practice of scientific research. Many mystic investigations are begun without any clear goal or outcome in mind, as they may become useful at a later time. From a game effect, this means that if a member of this sect wishes to engage in some mystic action, they can backdate a portion of research or preparations by using work other members of the sect has already done. Contact staff to work out the specifics of a particular situation and the amount that can be backdated.

Heterodox: This sect is known for professing to theologies outside of the mainstream Church, and so they receive reduced Piety penalties for being associated with heterodox or even heretical theologies - it's just expected.

Cenobites: While there are many monastaries in the Known Worlds, this sect is primarily monastically organized - its members are focused on the order, rather than on work in parishes, hospitals, or on their own researches. Orders with the cenobite advantage can call upon their professed members as soldiers or agents in the sect's employ, allowing them to increase their ranks by founding more monasteries.

Frightening: This sect has a fearsome reputation in the Known Worlds, and thus overt acts of opposition to this sect due to low piety become covert instead.

Bankers: This sect has an enormous amount of money due to extensive financial interest. They receive ten percent of their tithe and benefice income in 'Other Income' due to their financial prowess.


Princes of the Church: This sect is closely tied to the nobility, League, and power structures of the Known Worlds. They are consequently more suspectible to political influence from those factions, particularly when staff adjudicates off-world pressures.

Short Leash: This sect is kept on a very short leash by the Church as a whole, limiting its autonomy.