Suppressed Crime

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Crime is a volatile business. Authorities, rival gangs, guilds and others all have a vested interest in keeping crime down - taking IC action to suppress criminal enterprises of various sorts, and they often succeed. When a sweep comes through and shuts down a criminal operation, however, the majority of those involved in it just go to ground - and so restarting that criminal operation is less expensive than it might be if someone was starting out new. In general, the cost to restart or rebuild a criminal enterprise is decreased by the criminal's Cred - so if the VCG suppress a protection scheme in Lower Karbydos that cost 160 fb to start up, and the genin running it has a Cred of 75% it will only cost 40 fb to restart the scheme. Restarting a racket requires rolls just like starting the racket did, and if they are failed the racket is officially dead and full price needs to be payed.