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Note: This is based on material originally found at the Omega Project of Fading Suns: Renaissance, which is now down. An archive of it is here,

Summaries of the Gospels are italicized; plain text indicates direct quotes.


The sources used here are either from official publications, from text sourced from the Town Criers reports or from text source from the works of Bishop Xavier Holst in the HDi game Emperor of the Fading Suns.


  • PotCS: Priests of the Celestial Sun (now part of Lords and Priests)
  • WP: Weird Places
  • DBtS: The Dark Between the Stars (now part of Aliens and Deviltry)
  • H&O: Heretics and Outsiders
  • IS4: Imperial Survey 4, Li Halan Fiefs (now part of Worlds of the Realm)
  • IS6: Imperial Survery 6, Imperial Fiefs (found in Worlds of the Realm)
  • EotFS: Emperor of the Fading Suns

Omega Gospels


A reference citing the fact that Paulus was the only person to have heard the first Sermon given by Zebulon.

--Paulus 3:12-16 (23 IS4)

As long as our hearts are ever expanding to distant orbits...

--Paulus 23:5 (7 WP)


Paulus and Lextius carried Zebulon from the dwellings of men, into the desert, for they heard rumors of a miraculous healer there. For Zebulon battles the Demon Touch, and was lost to them. And Zebulon saw the Abyss, where Light is Not, and his spirit fell into the final despair as his body surrendered life. Yet with a will he arose, and they came near that region called Maltarak, where Amalthea's tent was pitched.

Then came Zebulon to Amalthea's tent, and said he unto her, "Heal me." And Zebulon was nigh Death. Within him the Demon Touch grapples, and the Prophet battled the cancerous touch, seeing only the Abyss, and hearing the Cry of Lost Nothingness. Amalthea called then on her power, and performed her greatest miracle, the Healing of the Prophet. The compassionate healer drew on her spirit, to add to his, and call him back from the Void.

And on the edge of the Abyss of Death, which stretches from this life to the next, world without end, Amalthea brought him back, whom others could not cure. For Amalthea walked in the Light before the Demon Seed, and it withered. She cast her Light down the deep Abyss, and the nothingness broke to the sound of Life and Holy Purpose like unto the rushing of great waters. And for seven hours she poured forth her power, drawing Zebulon nigh onto this side of the Abyss, but when the sun rose she said, "I am spent." But Zebulon stirred. And then Amalthea bled light into the Grail, in tears and the wounds she suffered, and offered it unto him. And Zebulon drank of the Light and was healed.

Rising, he looked unto Amalthea. But Amalthea said "Man, thou art healed already. They say thou art a preacher. Come, heal me with thy talk, for I am sore troubled of what is and was, and strive to create out of fragments."

And Zebulon said, "Let us talk of what is goen and what can be saved from ruins, for Religion long outlasts the fall of Civilization, and Belief survives when the Known crumbles." And they went out into the desert and spoke of many things. Yet at last Zebulon fell into sleep, for now natural weariness overcame him, and Amalthea asked Paulus and Lextius "Who is this man? For he should be dead. My work did by unleash a mighty torrent from him, a flood of Life."

--Lextius 8:57-62 (104 PotCS)


A reference to Amalthea's place of birth and mother.

--Amalthea 1:7 (8 IS6)

In the seveth year of Timin's governorship on Tethys, Amalthea, daughter of Aruna, received her final calling, and began to heal in the countryside. When by a child of 10, she had vision of the Empyrean Angel, who said it was her destiny to heal worlds and lives. When she was 17, Viktor, her uncle, a doctor of propbabilities, asked her to help him in his studies of matter origins through the study of vibrations. His devices broke upon her, and cause Amalthea to fall silent for three days, whence she had her second vision, of a universe which needed healing, and the dark, hurt places therein. Awaking, she said: "The universe must be healed" and left to her studies and then her healing. And disciples gathered about her, and began to call her Teacher. Her uncle's works fell to ruin, and became the haunting place of phantoms, yet word of Amalthea the Healer spread to other worlds.

--Amalthea 3:1-5 (101 PotCS)

"...for even the Sons of Zuran have community, while your unity is a facade."

--Amalthea 32:12 (139 PotCS)

Zebulon to Amalthea: "The time of healing has not yet come, Amalthea. You are to begin the work, but remember, in the Pancreator's vision all things are healed already."

--Amalthea 45:2 (109 PotCS)

And Zebulon heard Amalthea, and that her task was not only to heal the ills of the body but those things which darken and shadow the spirit, and he told her of hidden things that she may accomplish this task.

--Amalthea 47:8 (109 PotCS)


And the Sutekian said to Zebulon, "But I have studied the works of holy men, and found naught, for they are at variance with each other. This universe is our mansion, and I have gotten wealth, and fine things, and dwell in my rebuilt mansion with the latest innovations. What is life, but competition, and a struggle for riches?"

Zebulon answered Paulo, saying "Better to have all your acquisitions burn and swell in solitude, until life awakens in you, fire on fire, then count the newest treasure with the heart of death, seeking to gain meaning by acquisition. For trasures and contraptions are but tools for the few who udnerstand them, not baubles for which the multitudes sell their lives cheaply. Only the few know what I say, and only the parent can minister the safe and unsafe toys to a child, who is lost and easily swayed by the new season's shining objects."

--Horace 16:12 (103 FL:T)

"Behold the light Incarnate!" Hombor exclaimed before the throng. "Behold the Man Incarnate."

But Zebulon admonished him, saying, "No, no Hombor. Behold within the Light Incarnate, the gift of thy Creator to thee. Behold within all of you the Incarnate, and long for reunification with the Light Unending!" And the throng yelled, "Tell us! Tell us that we may find this light." Ans Zebulon said, "It is within you, above desires, the Incarnate, the light of thy soul lit by the Pancreator. Pray do not extinguish it by longing for darkness."

--Horace 77:1-8 (133 PotCS)

Chroniculae III

When Zebulon had made planetfall, the folk of Cadavus thronged about him in multitudes, beseeching him in desperate tones: "A darkness is upon our land, and sorrow hath been writ across the face of our world. A creature of great evil power makes its lair in the badlands, and sends forth its minions to scourge our communities, souring the land, poisoning the water and the skies, putting our homes to the torch and carrying away our firstborn sons and daughters, never to be seen again. Word hath reached us that thou art a man of power and compassion, wherefore do we implore thee to drive out this menace.

And so Zebulon made ready for the trek into the badlands, and when the minions of the dark one moved to bar his way, grim was their aspect. But Zebulon raised his hands and made the sign of the gate before their eyes, and the faithless one fell back before its power.

And the Prophet entered into the badlands, where the earth had been scorched and the rivers ran black and crimson and ochre, and the skies hung heavy with ash and the wind bore noxious fumes which stung he eye and burned the throat. Before him he saw the jet-black tower of granite which the evil one had caused to be raised for his lair. And the evil once came out of the tower and beheld Zebulon, and spake unto him saying, "Lo! thou fool who doth venture where he hath not been bidden! Know that thou that I am called Durago, and I have made claim to these lands even as I stretch forth the shadow of my hand across them. For I have looked into the heart of darkness that abideth beyond the far-flung stars, and lo! did I find much power and knowledge therein. Prepare now thyself for doom, churl, and feel the wrath of one possessed of true power!"

And the one who called himself Durago dropped to the ground, and even before his belly touched the dust a terrible transformation took place. His body lengthened and writhed, and took the form of a great serpent-beast, which coiled itself and lunged forward, enveloping the Prophet forasmuch as to crush him between its glistening black scales. But the grace of the Pancreator was upon Zebulon, and the divine light of wisdom shone forth from his brow, and he called down the cleanising flame of Cadavus' sun to sear the beast's body with its wholesome holy fury, so that the serpent of darkness that was Durago recoiled into the shadow of its stronghold.

And Durago said, "I see now that thou art not without power thyself. Thy gaze hath penetrated far, yea, but know that my understanding is greater still. For I have scried even unto the end of histery, when the races of man and his servants have fallen into the dust, and the darkness between the worlds swells to swallow even the burning stars themselves!" And the serpent-body of Durago grew greater still and unfolded itself to become a hoary dragon of legend, rising into the sky and unfurling its wings until all daylight was gone from the face of the land.

And Zebulon spake unto him, saying, "This I have seen as well, but that is not all, for beyond the darkness, yea, and even within it, are there yet brighter glories for man to behold.' And the Prophet knelt, and kissed the ground before him.

And where the Prophet had pressed his lips, there dia a tiny crack appear, which spread forth until it became a fissure, which spread forth et until a vast canyon was opened up across teh face of the world, and the molten heart of the planet could be seen. And the evil one did fall into the tormenting flames at the earth's core, and the Durago-beast's howls of agony and anguish could be heard even unto the moons of Cadavus.

--Chroniculae III, 6:12-18 (47 DBtS)


The term 'Viscicae Iniquitates' is used to describe the legendary Whores of Nineveh as 'Vessles of Iniquity'.

--Maya 17:5 (58 H&O)

"What man wishes to outlive his own name?"

--Maya 17 (verse is not given, also appears to be named Maya's Song) (88 S&R)


A passage that has been interpreted by the Second Coming to suggest that Zebulon's message is not unique and that a another prophet would follow to reform the church. Church doctrine claims that this instead refers to the faithful masses.

--Hombor 12:22 (37 H&O)

And Hombor said unto Maya: "There be chains shackled to your wrists and feet, and so you bemoan your servitude and rage against bars of your cage. But in such binding I see opportunity, for do not chains invoke pity? Pity in turn invokes charity."

"Fool!" Maya replied. "What good is charity without the freedom to use it?"

"Ah, but you do not understand," Hombor replies, rubbing his sores. "It is not the charity of Humanity I seek, but that of the Pancreator. What chains can hold against His grace? In this darkened universe, liberty is not a right but a gift."

--Hombor 13:7 (2 WitH:L)

A passage that has been interpreted by the Second Coming to suggest that Zebulon's message is not unique and that a another prophet would follow to reform the church. Church doctrine claims that this instead refers to the faithful masses.

--Hombor 2:11 (37 H&O)


"Empyrean Grace shines on the valorous soul who faces evil armed with the sword of the Pancreator - his body may suffer mightily, but his soul will rise the higher for it"

--Mantius (record of the fallen) (83 WitH:L)


"And when selfishness and darkness have had their fill, then the vessel yearns for light," Zebulon said to the First Citizen of Kish, and the Li Halan looked at the Prophet in deep thought.

"Go your way, prophet, it will be long before I follow you," he replied, and then walked out of the garden with his guards and wisemen. Zebulon turned to Paulus and said, "Long is the journey into Night, but at last the dawn breaks. So shall it be with them."

--Galaxia 2:1 (1 IS4)

"It has been said, that one cannot control the universe until one controls the world, and one cannot control the world unless there is calm in the community, and one cannot control the community until one controls the dwelling, and the dwelling is chaos unless one controls the self. And this is true. For what needs of armies and weapons, of the transported wealth of worlds, of homes and ownership, if one is not captain of one's soul? Better to be poor but free and master over the soul than own all the latest innovations of the market, and yet not have mastery over the self. Let those who have wisdom, ponder, and let those who understand take heed."

--Galaxia 5:8 (104 FL:T)

"Li, you have seen the distances of space. Reflect on what you have seen, and all that has brought you here. It is the work of many hands, as is all culture and innovation. A reef built by many individuals joined together, not knowing what will come after, but each adding a life to the process. For in building, constructing and innovating, we reach within ourselves to build on what was before us, and to give those after us our improved works. That is the secret of innovation. A distant treasure kept in the deep solitude of our souls, it is produced and given to unseen hands to improve and build upon. That is the way, the heart of intention, world without end."

--Galaxia 12:12-26 (this is actually called "The Solar Gospels" the reference states that is is compressed somewhere into G 12:12-26, so I am assuming Galaxia 12 incorporates an incident with Li Chan as mentioned in FL:T) (108 FL:T)

The thirst of your souls beckons you to break stagnant chains and open star lanes to new worlds and tomorrow's without end.

--Galaxia 12:18 (0 IS4)

"But we are as fire, the fire which dies not, seeking to discover new sources, and to those I say, onward! The thirst of your souls beckons you to break stagnant chains, and open star lanes to new worlds and tomorrows without end. For the explorer cannot be held to dying creeds. Those wells are empty. Innovation begins when the well is dry, and distant currents beckon."

--Galaxia 12:18 (107 FL:T)


"Would you so quickly judge another as heretic? Beware first the shadow you cast yourself, for it is often this, your own darkness, that you cast onto others and callt heirs."

--Meditations 8:3 (2 H&O)


"Woe! Woe to the worlds of Man forever unto the final cinder of light from the last star, for slavery shall be their fate hence forth. Enslaved to false passions and ignorance, but for those who carry a lamp in their hearts, and bear it unto the kings of men, no matter the lashes they receive from the blind. They alone shall be free."

--Lamentations 2:17 (Town Criers Report, Dec 8 5000)


"When Meliva answered Palamedes, she said 'Why join you" We have our own book and prophet, and that is enough for us.' And Palamedes said 'Woman, thou hast cast your lot from the light. Now be gone! Stubbornly thou hast scorned thy salvation. Now, I say verily, hard will it be for yours and thine."

--Delphians 33:15-17 (140 PotCS)

Unreferenced Quotes

Humanity will be judged by the fate of the stars. A sun must burn to birth light. When your passion burns, you give off light. You are born in light but travel in darkness. Beware the dark between the stars. Bring a lantern to it.

--Omega Gospels (The Prophet's Words) (163 2nd Ed)

"Look on this shell, ye unbelievers! Look on this war-mail of the tyrant Ashur-baal, whom ye dreaded more than the coming of the Musters. See the spiked helmet, wherefrom he would issue commands and order punishments, now rent tripartite; view, O newly liberated, the cuirass, which turned blade and beam alike, now collapsed as paper before the Pancreator's fury; look upon the gauntlets and greaves, with which he would smash the innocent and trample the defenseless, now slagged nigh to unrecognizability."

--(Revised) Omega Gospels, chapter 38, verse 6 (EotFS / Composite Armour)

"And, thus concluding, the Prophet gestured scornfully, and the Pancreator answered his call. The infidel was lifted as if by an invisible hand and hurled headlong into the fusion beams he had sorcerously evoked; and there was a mighty clap, and a lightning-stench, and a terrible hiss; and then naught remained of the infidel but the thinnest, wavering mist, dimly illumined by the mocking crackle of the beam."

--Omega Gospels, chapter 44, verse 43 (EotFS / Fusion Rifles)

Messages to Pilgrims

These are a series of quotations taken from the opening page of the various books. Most of them are not given a reference, but they certainly fit the format of the Omega Gospels.

Woe to he that goeth unprepared into the sorcerer's den, for the marvels of destruction wait to waylay intruders into this diurnal realm lit only by the false light of caged heaven, crackling with thunder loud enough to burst the ears. Verily beware the pleas of the sorcerer, even after he has suffered the rack and is rendered immobile with chains, for his tongue is sweet, full of marvels and wonders, primises of power unimaginable. Cut his tongue out lest such visions corrupt thee to worship his lore, and punish him with his own Works, so that the irony of his misspent labor is made clear to him.

(2 FL:T)

There shall be great going forth, an exodus of the restless to the beckoning stars. But think not that such a pilgrimage will be without hardship, for you open the gates at your peril. Hunger, fear, loneliness and doubt will assail thee within the orbits of distant stars. Divers beings birthed under strange skies and formed with odd gravities will threaten and tempt thee. But hold fast to the light that shines unseen, and make of your soul a mirror to reflect its flame outward onto these foreign lands. For only in such a radiance can you behold the other as your own.

(2 WP)

Oh, how the stars beckon your wayward souls. But go not alone to the distant lights; take friends. Companions on the roads of night are ever a boon and a light to kindle the heart's flame. No matter the soils from which they came, the careers they follow or their strange viseages; they are connected to you in common cause and faith. Did not the Prophet gather companions about him? If He saw the wisdom in such company, how can you spurn it? heed his example and make many friends.

(2 PC)

Beware the sin of Republicanism! That you believe all sentients are free and equal is a sign of ignorance. The Pancreator raises some above others, and for right purpose. The merchant is a necessary evil; do not mistake his station for one of glory or liberty. Deny his honeyed words when he says that you, too, are free to do as you will. If all acted upon such thought, the universe would be mightily different indeed.

(2 MotJW)

Yea, the Pancreator's light is as all-illuminating as the sun, but legion are those who would turneth away. The righteous is more excellent than his neighbour, but the way of the wicked seduceth him. Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way, and he that hateth reproof shall die. The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Pancreator but he loveth him that followeth after righteousness.

(2 S&S)

For when you walk among strangers, if you bear arms, you will be met with arms. And when you bear instead open palms, mayhap you will still be met with arms. But if you bear an open heart - Pancreator willing - you may be met in kind, and thus may light catch light and reflect tenfold throughout the universe. Then shall new and unseen suns being to burn...

(2 SC1)

And though you travel in darkness, light is unseen all around you, cast from that celestial lantern which hangs above us all day and night, shining grace into the cold void without and within. Let your souls be as mirrors, casting forth radiance to those who do not know it, whose ears have yet to hear the word of the Prophet, which casts the veil from our mind's eye. Deliver to them that which reflects from above, not what lurks below.

(2 SC2)

Would'st thou become kings among men? Look to your breeding first! The Pancreator has wisely separated the escola seeds from the husks, the pure from the base. Look instead to your fields, to your own harvests, that you might better reap the bounty of your own souls. Nay, sully not yourselves with the ways of man and power. Such a curse is not for you, happy in your ignorance. Let the cursed bear such burdens and reap as their rewards the wealth of the world. You humble have the wealth of the Empyrean coming to you. And yet still you envy those condemned to their worldly palaces, prisons of the soul.

(2 LotKW)

O Pancreator, lift the veil from mine eyes and let me see the light! Thy creatures yearn for the truth and the reality behind reality. All around are shadows, shifting patterns and form - illusion. Ignite the stars! Banish the shadows! Free your creatures to live fully within Creation!

(2 PotCS)

Woe to you who travel the Dark without a spark of Light in thy breast. The Absence of Stars shall devour you and a chill, unending hell shall be thy fate far from warmth and joy. Until the Holy Flame once more conflagrates through the universe in its fiery, final embrace, redeeming what was old and remaking anew.

And if you heed not this dire advice, then carry you a torch that you may at the least burn the maw that swallows thee.

(2 ItD)

Seek ye the wisdom of the Ur Children? Be wary then. They have wisdom, but see it as folly. They have folly, but see it as wisdom. Their very gestures mirror those of their forefathers, the Empyrean powers who wrought the very gates to the stars. Fallen they are, abandoned by heaven. But who now is not so alone? As our sins darken the skies, we may yet remember what has been lost. Stand beside those long in memory, whose words may yet echo the voices of heaven.

(2 CotG)

Beware the inner and outer reaches of the universe, whether in the depths of the mind or beyond the farthest star. Remember that darkness lurks at the bottom of a well as much as outside the solar spheres, and can also dwell in our thoughts. Fear abides in the Dark. Walk ye instead the middle realms, where the Light is plentiful and Grace is not far. Stray from this path and ye risk damnation in the sightless void.

(2 DBtS)

The path to Understanding twists and turns torurously, and is riddlesd with sharp rocks underfoot. May the Pancreator Gudie your steps on this path, and may this tome act as a guidepost through the treacheries of the universe. Woe to he who spurns the light shaded within its pages. May he shiver in the icy depth of the black void as punishment for his hubris.

(2 BS)

Heterodox Religious Texts

The Amalthean Annex

A series of religious texts that are not considered canon by the Orthodoxy, but are given an exemption to be used as religious texts by the Sanctuary Aeon.

"The finite mind cannot comprehend infinity, but for a brief moment it can be graced by its touch"

--The Epistles of Viktor (109 PotCS)

"Niece, of Course the Infinite could healthe finite. But at what pointin our reckoning of space/time would this happen? And under what code would an intelligence beyond the Metrocronos decide to break into waves of vibrational energy to undergo an answer to an ethical prayer?"

--The Epistles of Viktor (109 PotCS)

Aruna was the Matretokos, the mother of the living goddess, who bore Amalthea Kecaritomene, blessed of all living.

--Apocrypha Amalthea (101 PotCS)

Other Amalthean Texts

  • The Compassionate Teachings
  • Leipsophy

Diagamma Apocrypha

These are a series of apocryphal texts that are given serious consideration by the Eskatonic Order.

The Learned spoke unto his disciples, saying: the word of the Pancreator is like this. The theif in the night who steals the silver set atop the table shall not see the gold that lies hidden in dark corners. How is the word of the Pancreator like this?

--Logos Gospels (68 PotCS)

And the prophet said unto the Learned: bright is the soul of the man who is a shining lamp for the light of heaven, and salvation shall be his, for he is enlightened. Brighter still is the light of the enlightened who worketh to rekindle the divine light in the ignorant, and he shall be doubly-blessed.

--Logos Gospels (69 PotCS)

Study, that ye may light the match of the soul: meditate, that ye may apply the match to the quiescent ember of God within: act, that ye may kindle the flame into a pyre. True theurgy is the working of the nourished soul.

--The Epistles of Horace (70 PotCS)

Speak not of the shadows that conspire around us. Instead, banish them with light, or remain silent lest they corrupt thy voice.

--The Epistles of Horace (2 S&R)

I have seen the end of time, when the hand of the Enemy shall close fast on Creation, snuffing out all Light. Only those souls whose Divine Light burneth as an inferno shall survive the cataclysm; all others shall perish.

--The Book of the Eskaton (69 PotCS)

Other Eskatonic Texts

  • The Acts of Horace

The Rule of Battle

A heterodox ideology used by the Brother Battle, it has only ever been read outside the order in its entirety by one person, the Patriarch who first recognized the order.

Plead my cause, Blessed Pancreator, with those who strive with me: Fight against them that fight against me.

--(43 PotCS)

Blessed be the Pancreator, my strengh, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.

--(44 PotCS)

My fortress and my righeousness; my castle and my deliverer; my shield and He in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.

--(47 PotCS))

Fighting for the Prophet is the Prophet attained.

--(50 PotCS)

Yea, though I walk through the field of death I fear no evil: for Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

--(53 PotCS)

The Fervitudes

A long poem written supposedly by divine inspiration by an Avestite founder.

There is a flame (O Holy Flame!)...

--The Fervitudes, first line (87 PotCS)

And it shines...

--The Fervitudes, I, 1 (87 PotCS)

...And it shines from sphere to sphere, world upon world without end, awakening all that is with the light of creation...

--The Fervitudes, I, 99 (62 PotCS)

And it warms...

--The Fervitudes, II, 1 (87 PotCS)

...And it warms the wastes and the rocky barren places, making of them a crucible to test the Faithful...

--The Fervitudes, II, 57 (92 PotCS)

And it spreads...

--The Fervitudes, III, 1 (87 PotCS)

And it spreads from heart to heart, from soul to soul, uniting all creatures with the passion of faith...

--The Fervitudes, III, 23 (82 PotCS)

And it consumes...

--The Fervitudes, IV, 1 (87 PotCS)

And it consumes the brains of the wise, leaping from thought to thought, that wisdom may be a beacon to all in the night...

--The Fervitudes, IV, 237 (93 PotCS)

The Gleanings of Ven Lohji

I met the Prophet, and then I understood.

(22 CotG)

The Pancreator is within
and without;
and without the Pancreator
is emptiness

(32 CotG)

Other Religious Texts

More souls have died than currently live. More wisdom has died than currently lives. A morsel of wisdom lies with man. All wisdom lies in the tomb.

--Tome of Ancestors, Awira Li Halan (66 PC)

"War, Oh, war. I ask you, O Pancreator - what good comes of it? Yeah, tell unto me!"

--Our Youth in Empyria, Saint Lamentius (2 LotE)

On this star, in this hard star-adventure, knowing what the fires mean to the right and left, nor whether a meaning was intended or presumes, man can stand up, and look out blind and say: in all these turning lights I find no clue, only a masterless night, and in my blood no certain answer, yet is my mind now my own, yes is my heart a cry toward something dim in the distance, which is higher than I am and makes me emperor of the endless night even in seeking!

--Winterset, Maxwell Anderson (8 PotCS)

"...charnel houses where the dead prey on the dead, and the leprous children of the plague defile the air with their rotten stench and choking wheeze, mausoleums whose halls are haunted by moaning night-crackers and stained scarlet by crazed vivisectionists dubbing themselves chiurgeons." --Travails of Ormu, Friar Amergo (EotFS / Hospitals)

"For the Pancreator has smiled upon thee, and has ordained us to proffer this manna and distribute it among the suffering; and when thou takest it into thy bodies and recite the holy phrase "UZ-OBLEN," the Pancreator's mote-angels shall descend upon thee and, with beneficent caresses, shall abjure thee of thy sickness. And the demons that have wasted thy lands shall be banished into the outer dark from whence they came. And thou shalt anoint one another with fragrant oils and praise the Pancreator with loud rejoicing, and thou shalt cause the temples to be thrown open, and let the smell of burnt offerings permeate the skies."

--Testament of Byzael, Book Two (EotFS / Cure for Necrosis)

"And so it came to pass that (the Eskatonic mystic) Diophora, lecturing to (the tyrant) Kurgari'i Alecto, spake unto her, `Wilt thou be as the hovercraft, which, so long as the terrain is easy and sure, bears its master aloft on invisible wings of false hubris, detached thereby from man and Pancreator; but, upon coming to a great and lightless abyss, fails in its boastful endeavor, and sends both itself and its erstwhile suzerain spiraling down into the void?'"

--The Martyrdom of Diophora, Penultimate canto (EotFS / Hovertech)

" these infernal shells consecrated to the red demons of war that haunt the seventy-second hell, and which rend metal, stone and flesh with little discrimination. From their fiery malediction nothing is safe, nothing is sacred: not the monastery at De Molay or the cathedral at Pentateuch."

--Daemonomica of Sutek (EotFS / Web Missiles)

"I shall give thee fire and ruin. From the jumpgates my armada shall descend upon thy system. I shall call down the wrath of the meson upon thee, and thy children shall curse thy names as they burn, ye who dare to defy me.

"Yea, I shall scourge thy cities with the meson weapon, so that not one granary or hovel stands, and all that remains of thy palaces shall be clouds of hissing ions. Thy flocks I shall incinerate, and thy fields, and thy servants and slaves. Thy oceans I shall boil in thy beds, and thy mountains level to plains, and thy forests shall be made anon into hills of ash. But ye I shall yet spare, so that ye may look upon my work and despair.

"And when all is ended, and thy world is as lifeless as the Malignatian Belt, to the meson I shall condemn thee as well, so that ye will know full well the power of the Gesar kings."

--Canticles of the Longest Dark (speech of King Borijov van Gesar VI) (EotFS / Meson Projectors)

" ... constructs whereby those versed in the proper protocols may call unto the jumpgates and, provided the plea is couched respectfully, be heard. Mayhap these devices serve as altars or menhir-stones of sorts; certes all who have approached the gates without bearing such a talisman have been rebuffed or worse."

--The Criticoran Compendium (EotFS / Jump Drives)

" and, laughing, the infidel Decados did taunt the most righteous Battle-Brother, and utter all manner of blasphemies, and in so doing called unto him to humble her through fire and sword. And raising her hand in a mocking salute, she lunged forward, weaving that selfsame hand widdershins and cruciform, as if mad. And woe! For in truth the Decados invoked magick most foul; a coven of invisible demons came at her summons, and the Battle-Brother fell at the heathen noble's feet, hewn sorcerously into gobbets."

--The Gazim Protocols (from the Narrative) (EotFS / Wireblades)

" and as they came into view I at first mistook them for robots disinterred from the crypts of the Second Republic, for did they not clank and hiss and whir? Did not the Light recoil in vain from their metallic hides? Were their visages not inscrutable masks of blasphemously animate metal?

"And then they neared, and with a great shudder I realized my folly: For these cacophonous abominations were soldiers, who had allowed themselves to be encased in cast cocoons and ensnared in webs of sparking wires."

--The Gazim Protocols (from the Revelations) (EotFS / Powered Legion)

"And this I see: The wars are nigh unto their end, and it shall be Vladimir, of House Alecto, who claws his way onto the throne. But the Alecto will not long enjoy the spoils of his victory; for from the darkness will fall the tyrant's judgment, in the form of a stealthy assassin. Whether the emperor's doom will be the virus or the blade, the beam or the spell, I escry not; but la, the assassin shall strike true, and so the houses will once more plunge into the cauldron of war."

--The Prophecies of Nebt (Heretical) (EotFS / Assassin)

"...for wilt thou grapple with the Xyll? Wilt thou hurl thyself into its viscid pincers, and deliver thy skull unto its rattling mandibles? Wilt thou seek to hide from the unerring watchfulness of its multifaceted eye, or vainly expend thy strength on its unyielding chitin?

"And when the heavens open, and the Xyll swarm forth in their rapacious legions what wilt thou then? Will thy pride bear thee aloft beyond the predator's droning wings, or urge thy twin legs to fleetness surpassing its six?

"Knowest thou, unbeliever, only the Light canst succor thee."

--Psalms of the Prodigals, canto 23, verse 5 (EotFS / Xyll Warbeast)

Heretical Texts

All these texts are described on PotCS 65.

  • Stellar Apocryphon -- Banned scriptures purported to be from the Prophet.
  • Apshai Tablets -- Dark prophecies gained by a Vau scholar.
  • The Ur-Texts -- Written in ancient Obun, they describe an ancient war in the heavens and are a manual for theurgic rites.
  • Anunnaki Thunders -- Said by some to be a hoax, these 15 texts are supposed to be direct revelations from the Ur.