Seven Sinners

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This epic began on Leminkainen, with the heroes the children, relatives and employees of Count Lucius Whitehaven, who was a companion of the Emperor during the Wars.


  • Lady Victoria Whitehaven -- The young daughter of Count Whitehaven. (Played by Jamie)
  • Brother Winston -- A Brother Battle warrior-monk and Lady Victoria's cousin. (Played by Josh)
  • Dove -- An Engineer xenotechnologist whose patron is the Count. (Played by Claire)
  • Brother Jeremiah -- A half-mad Orthodox priest who has become a traveling demon hunter. (Played by Robert)
  • Shavrin -- An Ukar pathfinder who owes a blood debt to Count Whitehaven. (Played by Sean)


  • Drama #1: Shadows on the Border -- The heroes are dispatched to end a feud between two of the Count's vassals, and instead are attacked by someone from the Count's past.