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About Me

I'm a dude who used to run a couple Fading Suns MUSHes -- Dark Between the Stars MUSH and then eventually the original Fading Suns MUSH. Now I don't have time to run online games, but I still run Fading Suns tabletop regularly.

I own every Fading Suns book except Passion Play, the d20 Character Codex, Lifeweb and the two Redbrick books, Church Fiefs and Arcane Tech. I've read Lifeweb and the Redbrick books, however, and the Character Codex is just the PC rehashed.

Other Games I'm Excited About

I'm also excited about Alderac Entertainment Group's 7th Sea role-playing game; one of these days I'm going to convert Fading Suns to the 7th Sea roll-and-keep system.