Armor and High-Tech Weapons

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To better represent the varying levels of technology in the Known Worlds and to justify the high cost of certain energy weapons (laser and blaster weapons) we've introduced the following chart. Check the armor type, look at the kind of weapon that's shooting at it and then make the appropriate change to armor dice.

Note that this suddenly makes a number of previously underused weapons and armor worth purchasing: stiffsynth, for instance, is now worth its cost because of the defense it provides against bullets (more than anything except plastic plate armor) and energy weapons (better than anything short of ceramsteel). Laser pistols have great armor penetration, justifying their cost as well.

Armor Type   | vs Slug Guns  | vs Energy Guns  
Metal, Cloth | half defense  | half defense
and Leather  |               |
             |               |
Plastic      | -2d           | half defense
             |               |
Synthsilk,   | normal        | -2d
Stiffsynth & |               |
Ceramsteel   |               |


  1. Polymer Knit armor protects as normal against everything.
  2. Flame Guns are neither energy guns nor slug guns, so armor protects as listed.
  3. Artifact melee weapons - eg. Flux Swords - are treated as Energy Guns.