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Like other factions, criminals need to be concerned about the attitudes of their subordinates and the people they surround themselves with - their 'Cred' - clout or influence in the criminal world.

In general, criminals spend about thirty percent of their crime income on bribes, kickbacks and other expenditures to increase their respect on the street - and every percent they spend on kickbacks increases their Cred by one and one half percent. So, if a Scraver boss spends thirty percent of his income on kickbacks, that increases his Cred by 45%.

By default, Cred starts out at 15%. Cred is also affected by skills. At lower levels of organized crimes- street gangs or block leaders- streetwise can be used to organize the rank-and-file goons and keep the right palms greased. For every point of Wits+Streetwise goal above 10, Cred is increased by 2%. For every point below 10, Cred is decreased by 2%. At this level, Cred is also impacted by Extrovert+Impress and Wits+Business, which increase or decrease street cred by 1% every point above or below goal 10. Criminals running only a single racket can substitute a skill related to that racket for Business, such as the pimp who substitutes Extrovert+Charm or the thug who substitutes Strength+Vigor.

At the higher levels of organized crime - crime lords with multiple crews reporting to them - a boss can continue to rely on his Wits+Streetwise, but the increase or decrease drops to 1% per point above or below 10. Other skills, particularly Business, Bureaucracy, and even Politics at the highest levels become more important. Once a crime boss has two or more crews under their control, Wits+Business is the dominant skill, affording a 2% increase to Cred per point above 10 and 2% decrease per point below 10. One of Bureaucracy, Politics or Leadership also gives a +/- 1% per point.

Once a don has two or more syndicates under their control, Politics becomes the dominant skill, and Wits or Extrovert+Politics gives a 2% bonus or penalty per point above or below 10, with Business and one of Streetwise, Leadership or Bureaucracy modifying Cred only 1% either way.

Like Loyalty, Popularity, or Piety, Cred is heavily modified by IC actions and consequences. A player who has a string of bad investments or who embarrasses himself or his organization publicly might see a decrease in his pull on the street. Likewise, a PC who succeeds frequently or who is particularly brutal to his enemies might see his credibility increase. Staff will be the final adjudicator in what penalties or bonuses apply, and when they shall be added or subtracted to a crime bosses rap sheet.

Cred Chart

The nature of the criminal element makes it more volatile and more dangerous to work with- when criminals start to grumble even a little there's always the danger of violence. A crime boss who starts to lose credibility with his people quickly learns to look over his shoulder and have people taste his food for him. The following chart details the effects of the different levels of credibility

(Note: There is a grace period for up-and-comers. People just starting out generally don't suffer the effects of low cred until they take their first racket.)

0-10% Cred: You are thought of as a joke on the streets. The local constabulary have little trouble shutting down your operations on a whim if they choose to, and no one will offer your people help should another crime-boss muscle in on your territory. There are people close to you who are likely planning to kill you and bury you in a shallow grave to take over the operation from you - betrayal could come at any moment.

11%-25% Cred: You're not respected by your people, and the racket you control is only marginally under your authority. The local constabulary would need only to concentrate their efforts in order to stamp out your individual rackets. People in your neighborhood recognize you but don't show you any particular respect and are willing to aid the police against you. It is likely people in your organization are plotting to have you killed or replaced.

26%-50% Cred: You're viewed as a thug or low-life by the people in the neighborhood, and your 'employees' give you only the most grudging respect. The police would need to dedicate time and energy to fighting your rackets, but would receive no penalty when investigating your organization and gathering evidence against you. It is probable, though not assured that someone in your organization is planning on killing you and replacing you.

51%-75% Cred: The people within your organization accept that you're in charge, and will mostly follow your directives. Either out of fear or respect the locals generally know better than to cross your people, and the local constabulary usually has been bribed sufficiently that should they or their masters push to disrupt your businesses it requires great effort on their part. It is possible that someone in your organization is planning to kill you - he or she is merely waiting until you slip up.

76%-100% Cred: Criminals know a good thing when they see one, and you are keeping the money flowing and the authorities off their backs. Generally the people in your organization will carry out whatever tasks you set them to, so long as they aren't exceedingly dangerous on their face. People in the areas you control recognize your authority more than they do the city watch, and consquently the watch or guards find it exceptionally difficult to gather information on your wrong doings without great cost. The constabulary is usually heavily on-the-take, and while there are probably several people planning to kill you and take over out of envy, such plots usually move very slowly out of fear of your response if discovered.

100% + Cred: When walking through the streets of the neighborhoods you control you may well be the king. Because of your brutality to your enemies and generosity to your associates the people come to you when they would normally go to the constabulary, and your employees, sharing to a degree in your power, tend to be very loyal, even willing to engage in very risky ventures if they think it will increase their standing in your eyes. Local lords or constables find it almost impossible to find any witnesses who would claim you have ever done anything wrong to anyone, and other bosses worry about you spreading your influence. Your boss probably wants you killed (It's never a good idea to be more popular than the boss).