Crime Overview

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People say that crime doesn't pay, and they're lying. Running criminal enterprises - whether it is street-level criminal rackets, brigandry in the hills or smuggling and black marketeering in the large agoras - provides profit to Scravers, native factions and even the more disreputable members of the nobility, Church and other guilds.

In general, each criminal enterprise - called a 'racket' - earns its operator a certain annual sum; those higher up the food chain receive diminishing percentages of that sum depending on how many levels above the racketeer they are. Rackets can take many shapes and forms, but usually are either urban crime - organized crime targeting a territory or segment of the population, rural crime, or market crimes like smuggling and black marketeering.

As a general rule, any individual can control only one (or in rare cases two) rackets directly - additional rackets require subordinates. Additionally, any individual can usually only manage five to ten subordinates before they in turn need to subordinate or take on a partner. While terminology varies, a single racket usually represents a criminal enterprise controlled by a 'soldier' or 'associate' - among the Scravers, usually an Associate or Genin. Several racketeers together run in a 'crew', lead by a 'capo', 'captain', 'chief' or 'lieutenant'. Several crews in turn make up a 'syndicate', lead by a 'boss', 'captain', 'general', 'kingpin', 'grandfather', 'old man' or other title. Only the Scravers usually have a level of organization above syndicate, where a planetary branch of a family is lead by a 'don' or other such title. Criminal terms in general are fluid, as are levels of subordination.

Having subordinated rackets (or crews) earns the chief or boss a 'taste' of 40% of the income of their subordinates - so, a captain running a crew of five 250 fb/yr racketeers earns about 500 fb/yr (0.4 x 1250 fb/yr), and a boss running a syndicate of five 500 fb/yr crew captains sees 1000 fb/yr.

The percentage of 'taste' is affected by Wits+Business - for every point of goal below 10, taste income decreases by -3%. For every point above 10, taste income increases by 3%.

Note: While Streetwise and/or Business are the default skills for engaging in racketeering, certain rackets can be set up with other skills or with compliments from other skills. For instance, if a Muster captain wishes to start extorting protection money from local merchants on the side, he may be able to set up a Protection racket using his Leadership as a complimentary skill for Streetwise, or Wits+Sneak might be used for some small-time smuggling.