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Elixir is a Second Republic miracle drug - a tissue regenerative serum that when injected through a hypo-spray stimulates rapid healing in damaged areas of the body, quite literally closing wounds and knitting together bones in seconds. It's good to be clear, however, about what it does and does not do.

What It Does

  • Heals tissue: Elixir will heal lacerations, bruises, punctured lungs, internal ruptures, and the like. If it's tissue, and it's damaged, it will put it back together.
  • Knits bone: Elixir will heal broken bones almost instantly, even when the bone in question has been shattered into many pieces. It will not, however, set that bone correctly - so it's important that broken bones be set properly before elixir is injected, lest the fused mass of bone that results be crooked or crippled.
  • Bolsters the immune system: While elixir will not cure diseases, the rush of vital energy the serum provides will bolster the immune system. This is usually not sufficient to defeat a disease but can keep someone terminally ill alive, if dependent on elixir.

What It Does Not Do

  • Expel foreign particles from a wound: If someone has bullet in them, they will still have a bullet in them if they heal themselves with elixir. Similarly, if there is filth or dirt or other debris deep in a wound it is quite possible the wound will heal around the detritus, creating a dangerous pocket that could lead to infection.
  • Cure diseases: Diseases of all sorts - viruses, infections, cancers, anemias, and the like - are outside the scope of elixir. The regenerative properties may lend a blush of health useful in bolstering the immune system and fighting such diseases, but it will not cure them.
  • Regenerate lost limbs and/or organs: Elixir will not regrow something that has totally been lost; it will merely seal the wound.

Additionally, elixir has only minor capabilities to heal damaged nerves; the central nervous system especially is resistant to the serum's powers.

What does this all mean practically? Well, it means that oftentimes that after elixir is used in combat an Apothecary or Amalthean has to go back and redo all the healing again, removing lodge items and cleaning the wound to prevent infection. The presence of elixir makes trained medics more rather than less important, as the ability to reopen a wound and clean it correctly is more difficult than just keeping it clean from the outset. Additionally, severely broken bones can often make the immediate use of elixir a bad idea - if someone has multiple fractures, the use of elixir could fuse the bone together into a mass a physick will later have a very difficult time correcting.