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By default, every town of five thousand or more people has an associated fort or military base, and in addition there are seven 'grant forts' supported from offworld by treaty since the founding of Vargo. The grant forts are: Camp Shirat, Fort Jericho (in Chande), the Citadel at Menzel, the Li Halan camp at Antol, Albion Base (in Monedo), the Presido at Tarepin and Enide Monastery. In addition to those grant forts, the al-Malik support a base at Urupla - Ar Megiddo - and the Triumvirate supports Fort Paloma along the Triumvirate's northern borders.

Supporting these additional military bases isn't inexpensive. Supporting an ordinary fort consumes similar resources to that of a company of armsmen, raised either via conscription or with the flat expenditure of 1000 firebirds per year. Additional defenses can also be emplaced. Each defensive system needs to be assessed separately by staff, but a set of high-tech defenses like those at Ekron might be the equivalent of two to three squads of elite soldiers, or two thousand to three thousand firebirds per year.