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This is a placeholder page for a larger discussion of science and technology.

The Known Worlds is not a scientific society -- unlike today, where we believe fundamentally that there are natural laws that govern the world around us and that our actions produce predictable results, learning and understanding at the dawn of the sixth millenium is dogmatic. Engineers are tech redeemers, repairing old items rather than creating new ones, and what work is done is done from books of tables and math rather than a real understanding of what is going on.

Partly, this is because four thousand years of science fell down on the job at the end of the Second Republic. The Fading Suns phenomenon does not have a scientific explanation - indeed, it does not make sense at all. Scientists from Newton on had figured out a lot of rules for how the world works, and the Fading Suns don't match any of those rules or any of those explanations; instead, it seems as if all the natural laws and rules were just a show being put on for mankind, a stage-set or backdrop that is now starting to show tatters. In most places, Newton's laws still work just fine, but elsewhere they don't -- and that's the end of science. A thousand years of war and strife and Fall later, even the desire to seek scientific explanations has largely burned out, and those who are inclined to take the Prophet's exhortation to Quest literally do so not to try to put the Humpty-Dumpty of scientific reason back together but instead to understand what is stirring in the night as humanity's last days approach.